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Search Engine Targeting – Website Development

Getting seen on the search engines is a combination of elbow grease, art and science. Your website needs to be written for your visitors primarily, but if you don’t design and execute the website with search engines in mind, you may have no visitors to speak to in the first place. We can help. To what degree is up to you and your personal commitment of your own time and effort to follow through with our program. Pay per click advertising is a bottomless pit. While there may be some legitimate reasons for any given pay-per-click campaign, the only cost effective way to be seen by people using search engines is to develop your site so that the engines show your listing “naturally” when someone uses your search terms. Email us with your website URL for more info and our free consultation and quote.


If you have graphics, or photos you want to have on your site, we can set them up in the proper format (gif or jpg). We can scan your original photos and place them on your site. If you don't have the pictures you want, we have a library of over 250,000  full-color photos, video footage, graphics and more we can use on your site.

Audio - Video - Sound and Music

If you would like to have background music on your site, we can take your music and have it play on your pages. We can also produce RealAudio ® streaming audio files to play on your site. You can even record a personal message on a cassette, to which we can add background sounds or music, and set it up to greet your sites' visitors when they arrive. There are many other features we can do with sound in our recording studio for you.

More Features

We have a variety of special features we can add to your site to make it stand out. If you would like more information, just contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions.


If we're not available, Email your question about Christian Web design 
and  Christian web Hosting  & we'll respond ASAP. Or call: (800) 627-5937

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